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eBay Shop subscriptions
Each Shop level has a different subscription price and fixed price insertion fees. In general, the higher the Shop level, the lower the insertion fees.
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Subscription fees are shown on a per month basis. For the purpose of these calculations, (i) the number of free-insertion-fee listings shown above is allocated between auction and fixed price listings in proportion to the number of auction and fixed price listings created by you per month (based on your input), except in certain categories where free insertion-fee listings can only be auction-style and (ii) your average selling price and postage cost are used across all listings. Final value fee calculations are based on the final value fee of the listing category you've selected. The calculation of Total estimated sales does not include postage costs. This fee illustrator is intended for informational use only and doesn't include all potential applicable fees (such as optional upgrade fees) or listing categories. By using this fee illustrator, you acknowledge that eBay is making no representations or guarantees regarding actual fee and sales amounts and that the results are estimates only. Your actual fees may vary.
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